Work With Us

ICF-SME is continually seeking new partnerships to build on its existing programs and invites prospective donors and investors to collaborate on new capital formation through an Apex financing facility and / or other forms strategic financing.

Representing its donor partners, ICF-SME has proven capacity to deliver funding and technical services to privately owned commercial banks in Iraq where such institutions are presently developing direct funding relationships. In partnership with ICF-SME, through an Apex financing structure, donors transfer the difficult and time-consuming task of local bank selection to ICF-SME which has the requisite knowledge and skills. Furthermore, ICF-SME’s existing participant bank network and its robust operating platform provide an opportunity to leverage existing best practices and program resources to the greatest possible extent to support the broader objectives of interested groups.

Why ICF-SME is well positioned as an effective apex institution:

  1. The Company has a clear goal of nurturing the development of SMEs through a sustainable network of banks. From experience this is a powerful means to maximize impact on the SME sector in Iraq.
  2. ICF-SME is managed independently, with a strong Advisory Committee to protect the institution from political intervention and ensure sound decisions are made on technical grounds.
  3. Fund allocations to banks are based on clear selection criteria, such as institutional sustainability, portfolio quality, depth of outreach and management quality. ICF-SME retains authority to discontinue funding to banks that fail to meet these criteria.
  4. Fund allocations are based on a realistic assessment of the recipient banks and their ability to on-lend.
  5. ICF-SME monitors participating banks on the basis of a clearly defined performance targets that are seriously enforced.
  6. ICF-SME management is of high quality, possessing a blend of SME finance expertise, managerial and financial skills, and integrity.
  7. ICF-SME’s close working relationship with the USAID-Tijara program, which remains the principal support to microfinance in Iraq, enables the company to administer grant programs targeting micro enterprises.