Khadir Sulaiman Operates Profitable Pickle Shops Thanks to ICF-SME Assistance

Pickles are part of the daily diet in Northern Iraq. And for the past 13 years, Khadir Sulaiman, 33, has helped keep Dahuk kitchens well stocked with savory vegetables. To make the jump from wholesaler to retailer, however, Khadir needed a loan.

Dahuk Pickle Vendor Khadir Sulaiman.

In 2011, Gulf Bank’s Dahuk branch awarded him a ID 10 million SME loan. Khadir used the money to buy six tons of Iraqi-grown pickles and a ton of chilies from Turkey. Increased inventory enabled him to open three retail shops. “Selling pickles is a family tradition,” Khadir explains. “My goal is to repay the first loan and apply for a second so I can buy 12 tons of cucumbers. Selling pickles is my job just like it was my father’s.”