Kurd Hotelier Aims to Please Vacationing Iraqi Families

During the long Iraqi summer when temperatures soar to 45˚ or more, families in southern Iraq travel north to the Kurdish hills for cooler temperatures. Many stay or dine in one of Sadi Kadr Amen’s three hotels and two restaurants.

Sadi Kadr Amen, Erbil – Gulf Bank (ICF-SME)

Two Gulf Bank loans worth ID 90 million enabled Safi to renovate hotels in Shaqlawa and Erbil that together employ 21 people. More than a dozen Iraqis work in his two restaurants. “My summer occupancy rate is 95% thanks to Iraqi tourism which has increased 50% over the past three years,” says Sadi. “I appreciate Gulf Bank’s helping me qualify for an ICF-SME loan. My hope is that the growth of Iraqi tourism will help other economic sectors grow too.”