Beds and Blankets for Nassriya

There’s a modest home furnishings and textiles shop on Al-Haboby Street in Nassriya. Sixty-four year old Musa Mohammed Idi has worked there all of his life. Musa’s father and grandfather ran the shop before him.

Musa Mohammed Idi – Nassriya, Gulf Bank

Recently, Musa noticed that the store that sustained three generations of his family could use an upgrade. It needed a new assortment of bedding, blankets and fabrics plus a machine that would allow Musa to produce mattresses, the product he sold with the biggest markup. Gulf Bank provided a loan of ID 30 million, partially financed with funds from ICF-SME. With the money in hand Musa bought new inventory plus a laser that cut foam for use in mattresses. Today, Musa earns a tidy profit of 16% after all expenses are paid and he’s thinking about passing the business along to one of his five children.